How to pay less for Jewellery Photography (For Instagram and FB)


Jewellery photography is a specialised genre of photography

That’s true and very select photographers can do justice to it. It’s a topic that I can discuss in detail but I won’t be doing that in this post. Here we’ll see how you can Pay less and still get the best shots of your jewellery pieces for Instagram and social media sharing.

There are times when you require a Hi-end photoshoot of your Jewellery products with really Hi-Res final images. Eg. for Print Advertising, Brochure or for Outdoor media. This would cost you a bit for sure but you’ll need to spend that kind of money for sure.


There are times when you need images for Social media like Instagram and Facebook etc. on plain white or black background and you don’t need very Hi-Res final images. However you do need more images as you would need to replenish them in posts on a regular basis.

So I have a way that reduces the cost for Jewellery photography assignments for my clients. Since Instagram and Facebook accepts images in max size of 1080p x 1080p, I offer my clients Jewellery shoot with following conditions:
– The final Images will be delivered in 1080p x 1080p size.
– There would be no Focus-Stacking done and it’ll be a single shot.

These two things reduce the scope of work significantly resulting in reduction of cost for my clients.

Now you might think if 1080p x 1080p images would be big enough to show the details of your product. Would they be good enough? Take a look at these images and decide for yourself.

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To view an actual 1080px x 1080px image quality ☛ Click here
To view a focus stacked image ☛ Click here

Besides this offered Instagram package deal, we also offer Customised jewellery shoots as per your requirement. Including Model, location, Make-up, Hair, Wardrobe etc. Check this link for our Jewellery work ☛ Click here

Ps. Every shoot that I do, I share a select few images from that shoot on my website and social media. I do that to promote myself and my photography work.