Best Jewellery Photographer (Mumbai/ India)

M. U. Jewellers were looking for the Best Jewellery Photographer in Mumbai because they wanted to shoot their Athena Collection. They commissioned me to shoot their collection as they believed I could do justice to their collection.

These are some video reels from the Athena Jewellery Collection Ad campaign.

Jewellery with model photography by jewellery photographer in Mumbai
Best Jewellery Photographer is what Devji Aurum Jewellers were looking for to shoot their collection and this hunt led them to me as a result they commissioned me to shoot their collection. This is a pic from the Jewellery Photography Campaign. It is shot for Devji Aurum Jewellers of Bahrain. Devji Aurum has stores in Dubai as well. Their founder, Shri. Devji Ramji Sagar had a vision and he believed that his jewel pieces would not only be adornments but time capsules that told stories. Devji Aurum creates the most timeless and unique pieces of jewellery and that’s why every piece is a treat to the eyes. I planned and shot their jewellery collection in a manner that portrays the brands grandeur. Some jewellery pieces were shot along with the model while others were shot just on their own as product shots.

These are the other images from the Devji Aurum Jewellers Ad campaign.

Jewellery with model photography by jewellery photographer in Mumbai
Jewellery on model photography by jewellery photographer in Mumbai

Jewellery Product Photography

Shot for Devji Aurum Jewellers Bahrain/ Dubai

Jewellery Photography with model specially for use on Instagram

Shot for Dasani Connoisseur

Jewellery Mood Shots

Jewellery Mood shots will be seen in the portfolio of best jewellery photographer. These are often requested by Jewellery clients who want to give a feel to their products. They want more than just displaying their jewellery product designs. They want to project a mood. This kind of jewellery photography is much more impactful and pleasant to look at. This kind of jewellery photography attracts more attention if done tastefully.

The above shots were for Khushi Jewellers Dubai

Shot for DeBeers Dubai

Shot for Mahallati Jewellers Dubai

Some experiments with video editing of Jewellery Shoot Behind the scene videos

Jewellery model photography

Jewellery Model Photography for Malabar Gold Jewellers Dubai

Shot for Malabar Gold Dubai

Advertising Campaign Shot for L. S. Zaveri Jewellers of Dubai

Shot for Damas Jewellery Dubai

The above 4 shots were done for L.S. Zaveri Jewellers Dubai

Creative Jewellery photography / Concept Jewellery photography

Animating Still Jewellery Photography image to video

Jewellery product photography on white background/
e-commerce Jewellery Photography Website

We are the best jewellery photographers hence we also provide Jewellery Photography on White background. This kind of jewellery photography is needed for Jewellery e-commerce websites. This style display the Jewellery designs/ patterns without any distractions as a result it helps selection process online. Clients look for low budget jewellery photography options because the quantity is more. We have the perfect solution for low budget jewellery photography. We can plan a good shoot as per your budget and other requirements too. Drop us a mail or give us a call to discuss your requirements.

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