Jewellery Photography on a Set

Skills: Jewellery
Client: Sunderdas Zaveri

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2013 Campaign

2007 Campaign

Jewellery Photography on a Set

Among the many styles, Jewellery Photography on a Set is quite a widely seen one. The first 3 images of the 2013 Campaign for Sunderdas Zaveri are examples of Jewellery Photography on a Set. This style increases the budget proportionately to how intrinsic/ complicated the set is. After the base set is done then it is populated with props to enhance the look. Also different props are used in different shots but on the same set. This gives a variety in the shots. Similar technique is used in Apparel shoots as well. Check the links below for some more examples.

Check the making of the Sunderdas Zaveri 2013 Campaign below. This was shot in Dubai.

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