Should you do Jewellery Videos or just a Jewellery Product shoot or both?

A lot of the times clients decide to do jewellery photography only however I always try and push for doing Jewellery videos too. So let’s try to analyze the merits in doing videos.

Jewellery videos brings your products to life. In this day and age of tik-tok videos and Insta reels people like seeing videos of products more than just still images. Good Jewellery photographs have it’s importance in promoting the brand, however Product videos leaves a lasting impression on the customers. It is able to sell the product to the customers better and is more convincing. 

Jewellery Videos are more impactful and has better brand recall.

– Manish Photography

No matter what jewellery you’re shooting, jewellery photography is deceptively simple. Doing just Jewellery Photography or doing Jewellery Videos as well is a decision a lot of clients struggle with.

That’s mainly because it affects the budget. I would say it’s money well spent if you do both. Doing Jewellery videos along with Jewellery Photography Stills will be cost effective. However if you decide to do just one then I would strongly suggest doing Jewellery Videos. It definitely has more impact and would hold the clients attention longer. If done well and tastefully it’ll also have a strong brand recall.

Let’s look at some Jewellery videos I have done.

These are some Still Images from the Jewellery shoot for M.U.Jewellers for their Athena collection

Athena creations m.u. Jewellery Stills & Videos
Athena creations m.u. Jewellery Stills & Videos
Athena creations m.u. Jewellery Stills & Videos
Athena creations m.u. Jewellery Stills & Videos

While I have shared just 4 pictures and 4 Videos from the Jewellery Shoot done for M.U.Jewellers for their Athena collection, there are plenty more images that were shot and more video edits as well. Please visit my Instagram profile @Photographer.manish to view more Jewellery Pics and Videos. There is always more stuff that I have not yet put it on my Website. If you have any specific requirement do let me know.

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