Should you do Jewellery Videos or just a Jewellery Product shoot or both?

A lot of the times clients decide to do jewellery photography only however I always try and push for doing Jewellery videos too. So let’s try to analyze the merits in doing videos. Jewellery videos brings your products to life. In this day and age of tik-tok videos and Insta reels … Read More

How much should you pay for a jewellery shoot?

As much as I would love to provide a one line answer immediately I can’t. That’s because how much a Jewellery shoot could cost is affected by a lot of factors Eg. Would you like to do a Jewellery shoot with a Model or are you looking at shooting just… Read More

how to Pay less for jewellery photography

How to pay less for Jewellery Photography (For Instagram and FB)

There are times when you need images for Social media like Instagram and Facebook etc. on plain white or black background and you don’t need very Hi-Res final images. However you do need more images as you would need to replenish… Read More

Jewelry photography: How to shoot Jewelry (DIY Tips)

Many photographers who claim to do Jewelry photography are unable to do a good job consistently. That’s because while it looks like a simple table-top shoot it is most definitely not... Read More


eCommerce Budget Jewellery Photography (Best Deal)

We have the best budget photography solution for Jewellery clients looking out for eCommerce Jewellery photography or for sharing on Instagram and other social media platforms… Read More