Should you do Jewellery Videos or just a Jewellery Product shoot or both?

A lot of the times clients decide to do jewellery photography only however I always try and push for doing Jewellery videos too. So let’s try to analyze the merits in doing videos.

Jewellery videos brings your products to life. In this day and age of tik-tok videos and Insta reels people like seeing videos of products more than just still images. Good Jewellery photographs have it’s importance in promoting the brand, however Product videos leaves a lasting impression on the customers. It is able to sell the product to the customers better and is more convincing. 

Jewellery Videos are more impactful and has better brand recall.

– Manish Photography

No matter what jewellery you’re shooting, jewellery photography is deceptively simple. Doing just Jewellery Photography or doing Jewellery Videos as well is a decision a lot of clients struggle with.

That’s mainly because it affects the budget. I would say it’s money well spent if you do both. Doing Jewellery videos along with Jewellery Photography Stills will be cost effective. However if you decide to do just one then I would strongly suggest doing Jewellery Videos. It definitely has more impact and would hold the clients attention longer. If done well and tastefully it’ll also have a strong brand recall.

Let’s look at some Jewellery videos I have done.

These are some Still Images from the Jewellery shoot for M.U.Jewellers for their Athena collection

Athena creations m.u. Jewellery Stills & Videos
Athena creations m.u. Jewellery Stills & Videos
Athena creations m.u. Jewellery Stills & Videos
Athena creations m.u. Jewellery Stills & Videos

While I have shared just 4 pictures and 4 Videos from the Jewellery Shoot done for M.U.Jewellers for their Athena collection, there are plenty more images that were shot and more video edits as well. Please visit my Instagram profile @Photographer.manish to view more Jewellery Pics and Videos. There is always more stuff that I have not yet put it on my Website. If you have any specific requirement do let me know.

For more Jewellery images, videos and material click -> HERE

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How much should you pay for a jewellery shoot?

“Hi, I got your number from Google. I need to get a jewellery shoot done and I would like to know how much do you charge?”

“Hi, I need to get a jewellery shoot done.
How much do you charge?”

– Potential Client

As much as I would love to provide a one line answer immediately I can’t. That’s because how much a Jewellery shoot could cost is affected by a lot of factors Eg.

• Would you like to do a Jewellery shoot with a Model or are you looking at shooting just jewellery product shots?
• If you’d like a Jewellery shoot with Models, How many models would you want?
• Do you have a concept in mind or you’d like to shoot on a plain white background?
• Would you require any Set to be built or on shoot at some outdoor location?
• If you’d like to shoot just Jewellery products then will it be on a plain white background or will it be a mood shot?
• If you want to do mood shots then do you have any concept for the mood shots?
• How many products are you looking at shooting?

These are just to name a few of the questions that need answers to.

Instagram Jewellery Photography by jewellery photographer in mumbai

It’s normal for clients to be overwhelmed to answer so many questions.

Don’t worry. I’ll make it easy for you.

I have come up with this simple process to get a quote quick & fast for your jewellery shoot.

Have a look at the below Image boards. These Image boards are just to demonstrate the level complexity and Look-&-Feel of the shoot offered for that price only. It’s not to any way suggest that you’ll be getting exact same shots.

• White Background
• 25 Products
• No Transparent Background
• Image size 2000px

PKG 2 – 25 IMAGES | 5 Video Reels 1080p
• White Background
• 25 Products
• No Transparent Background
• Image size 2000px

Ps. Every piece will be counted as 1 item. A Set will be not be considered as 1 item.

• 1 Theme
• 1 Prop
25 Products
• Image size 2000px

PKG 4 – 25 IMAGES | 5 Video Reels 1080p
• 1 Theme
• 1 Prop
25 Products
• Image size 2000px

Ps. Props to be arranged by the client or we can get it for a nominal extra fee not included in shoot charges.

• 1 Concept
• 1 Prop Set
25 Products

5 Looks allowed
• Image size 2000px

PKG 6 – 25 IMAGES | 5 Video Reels 1080p
• 1 Concept
• 1 Prop Set
• 25 Products
• 5 Looks allowed
• Image size 2000px

Ps. Props to be arranged by the client or we can get it for a nominal extra fee not included in shoot charges.

• 1 Model
• White Background

• Basic Makeup & Hair
25 Products

2 Look changes
• Image size 2000px

PKG 8 – 25 IMAGES | 5 Video Reels 1080p
• 1 Model
• White Background
• Basic Makeup & Hair
25 Products

2 Look changes
• Image size 2000px

Ps. Wardrobe will arranged on rent and as per availability only or charged extra if purchased.

Fill in the query form below and submit it to receive the price of your selected Shoot Package thru email.

    Tick the Packages you'd like to know the price of.


    Chances are none of the above options are what you have in mind. No Problem. Talk to us and we’ll work out a package exactly as per your requirements.

    Check these Behind the scenes Videos of my Jewellery Shoots in Dubai and Tata Sky in India

    This is a Jewellery Shoot done for Sunderdas Zaveri of Dubai
    This is a Jewellery Shoot done for Devji Aurum of Bahrain
    This is a shoot done for TATA SKY Seniors with Amol Palekar and Zareena Wahab

    Jewelry photography: How to shoot Jewelry (DIY Tips)

    Jewelry photography of Gold and diamond ring

    Jewelry Photography isn’t easy. It’s one of the difficult and tricky to shoot genres.

    Many photographers who claim to do Jewelry photography are unable to do a good job consistently. That’s because while it looks like a simple table-top shoot it is most definitely not.

    Let me explain what makes Jewelry photography tricky to shoot. Jewelry has a highly reflective, shiny metal surface and diamonds/ Gemstones. Metal absorb light and diamonds reflect and refract light. The way to light up a shiny metallic object for a shoot is different from lighting a diamond. This makes photographing jewelry a difficult job to do.

    But don’t worry. You’ll be able to take really good pictures once you follow my tips below. One thing I’d like to say here is, You’ll be needing to shoot in Manual Mode on your camera. So having enough experience of shooting in manual mode is a must.

    Canon 5D Mark 3 camera

    List of items you’ll need for shooting jewelry.

    1) Camera
    The camera you’ll need is a DSLR that lets you shoot in RAW format and allows you to set the aperture and Shutter speed manually. Any decent brand DSLR would do the job. Just FYI, I shoot with Canon 5D Mark III whenever I have to shoot on a 35mm format.

    2) Lens
    The kit lens that comes with the camera won’t do. You’ll have to invest in a Macro lens. This is because the kit lens’ minimum focusing distance will prevent you from going close to the subject and getting a good magnification. I use a Canon 100mm f2.8 Macro lens for my Jewelry photography assignments.

    3) Tripod
    No matter how steady you think you can hold the camera, it’s always recommended to use a good sturdy Tripod. Having your camera mounted on a tripod has its benefits. You can focus properly and use a variety of shutter speeds and ISO settings without the danger of having a camera shake.

    4) Shooting Table
    Any sturdy table would work. The size of the table would depend on set up. To make it easy for you to decide, I’d say get a table around 3ft x 2ft.

    5) Lighting equipment
    Get some basic lighting kit with Soft boxes. If you check online, you should get enough options to choose from. A three light kit should work in the beginning. Once you have sufficient experience with shooting jewelry you can expand your equipment inventory. 

    6) White Background
    While Jewelry photography can be done against a variety of Backgrounds, I would recommend white background. Get a couple of White chart paper sheets. You can choose from a variety of backgrounds to place under your jewelry. You can have a piece of an acrylic sheet or an un-even surfaced tile or glass sheet or any thing else you can thing of. Be creative but don’t go overboard. You don’t want the background to fight for attention with the Jewelry.   

    7) Other Important extras
    Tracing paper sheets, Blue tack, Clamps & Tapes, Thermocol sheets or foam boards, Acrylic Sheet/ Polycarbonate Sheet piece.

    Now that you have collected the things required to do Jewelry Photography let’s see how to do shoot the Jewelry pieces.

    1) Set up your shooting table
    Choose a place to position the table. Position the white paper background on which you’ll be placing the jewelry. You’ll need to place the white paper sheet in a way that you get a seamless background. Fix your Camera on the Tripod and position it in front of the set up.

    2) Lighting the jewelry
    Start by positioning the first light with the soft box on top and a little behind the jewelry piece. This diffused overhead light will light up the form of the jewelry evenly. Now you need to position the other light in front. The placement of this light will depend on what jewelry you’re shooting and how you have positioned it. Move around the light while observing the effect of it on the jewelry till you feel satisfied with the result.

    3) Manage reflections
    Jewelry has extremely polished surface and the diamonds/ gemstones are reflective too. You need to check for reflections and block the un-necessary ones. There is no sure shot way to do this. It will always be a trial-and-error process. You can block your reflection in the jewelry by remote shooting or self-timer mode.

    4) Clean up Jewelry
    You might say that’s elementary but I am talking about a level up. Use Cotton, lint-free gloves while handling the jewelry. This is the one of the most important steps so take it very seriously. That’s because after the shoot when you enlarge the image 20 to 200 times the actual size, every flaw gets enlarged as well. You’ll see fingerprints on the jewelry, dust specks, microfibers etc. which is not visible with naked eye.

    Some people would do this step right before placing the jewelry the first time. I tend to do it once I get my lighting and shot right. That’s because in this process I tend to move the jewelry around while looking thru the lens to fix upon the shot. This can leave dust specks or fingerprints or microfibers on the jewelry. So use your discretion on when to do this step.

    Close-up image of jewelry photography with dust and micro fibers.
    Here you can see the dust, scratches and micro fibers on the jewelry when enlarged.

    5) Camera Settings
    Set the Aperture to f11. Anything less than this will give you a shallow DOF (Depth of field). Which means less detail in the jewelry as the focus falls off. Set the ISO to 100 and don’t increase it. This will prevent from getting noise in the shot Image.

    6) Processing and Retouching
    After the Image is shot in RAW format, it requires to be processed. This can be done in Adobe Lightroom or even Adobe Photoshop. (I am not aware of any other softwares out there other then these two) Adjust and fix the White balance and exposure and export the Image to a Tiff format. This Image you would have to further edit and enhance in Photoshop or any other Image editing software you have. This process can’t be explained in 4 lines as it is a complex process. If you’re unable to do this then hire a professional Image editor/ Image editing service. This step is necessary to make the Image look professional.

    Below are some images I have shot and then added the effects later in Photoshop.

    diamond Infinity band in white gold khushi jewelrs
    blooming flowers earring by khushi jewelrs
    diamond ring in snow by khushi jewelrs

    Ps. Should you require someone professional to do an excellent job, you can get in touch with us. We do provide Jewelry Photography service. We handle the entire turnkey project. Right from creating concepts, to handling shoot production, to providing professional retouching service as well. We also provide Video shooting and making Reels for Social media sharing. We can do film shoot as well.

    Bangkok Catalogue Shoot



    Bangkok is a paradise for Photo-shoots and Film-shoots. Reason being the Photography and Film industry there is very well developed. Talents ie. models, Makeup artists, Session Stylists etc migrate on a long term basis to look for work. Hence Bangkok offers BEST international talents at a very reasonable price. There are plenty of locations Natural and man made specially created with keeping Photography in mind. Low pollution and the Angle of the sun also results in a rich lighting condition that is favourable for Photography. Our Thailand counterpart is an expert in sourcing anything and everything from Models to locations to props that one might require for an excellent Photoshoot.

    While you pay a little more than shooting in Mumbai, the value that you get in return is a lot more. Your Products would also looks premium and very international. Take a break from the ordinary. Get your catalogue/ Brand Campaign shoot done in Bangkok with us. Refresh your Brand.


    Some Location options.

    The Popular Package includes:

    * 2 models
    * 20 – 25 Dress changes
    * Styling
    * Makeup & Hair
    * Location of choice
    * F&B at the shoot
    * Travel from the hotel to  Shoot location and back.
    * Photography
    * Image Retouching
    * 1 Catalogue design & Artwork (Printing not included)
    * A Complimentary short Video clip of the Shoot with music and branding

    Ask for price

    Clients need to arrange the following:

    * Their Flight tickets
    * Carrying the Garments
    * Their Visa on arrival 
    * Their Hotel transfers
    * Their Lodging & Boarding

    Shoot packages can be customised to your requirement.
    To know more write to us with your requirement or call.
    Call: +918369230903